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Haywood County Extended Learning Program Director Cedric Bunch starts his second year with Haywood County Schools. He is a product of Haywood County School System. Mr. Bunch holds an Associate of Science degree from Jackson State Community College as well as a Bachelor of Liberal Studies with Concentration in Education and Sociology from the University of Memphis.

Haywood County Extended Learning mission is to provide challenging before and after-school activities that will meet the academic, recreational, cultural, social, and safety needs of the students of Haywood County.



Summer Express Program 2016 a Great Success!

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The Haywood County Extended Learning Summer Express Program, directed by Cedric Bunch, had an awesome turnout! About 120 students ranging from Pre-K – 8th engaged in different, but fun, learning opportunities. Students were able to attend The Delta Heritage Center and the West Tennessee Research and Education Center. Both trips exposed students and staff to fun and knowledge. Summer Express students also had the opportunity to have fun and learn throughout the Summer Express Program.


Students in the Extended Learning Program at East Side are becoming “Media Smart”! Mr. Cedric Bunch, director of the program is teaching this class on Mondays. The Media Smart program is designed to teach students in the middle school range how to read food labels, know the terminology, learn how much fats, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, and other ingredients are in different foods. They also are learning about how the media tries making foods look fun and appealing just to sell their product, even when it is not necessarily nutritious. They are learning the difference between highly processed foods and real foods and how to tell the amount of calories per serving; as well as the percentage of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar different foods have in relation to what the daily requirement of each. So, when your child tells you at the grocery store or at a restaurant they you shouldn’t be buying that item, they probably know and can tell you why! Coordinated School Health is partnering with Mr. Bunch in this very educational program.

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Fan Club

Students at East Side Intermediate who attend the Haywood Extended Learning Program, under the direction of Mr. Cedric Bunch, have formed the FAN club (Fitness and Nutrition). The FAN club meets on Wednesdays for 30 minutes per group as part of their afterschool activities. School Health Coordinator Cindy Smith teaches the classes. The first 5 or 10 minutes are spent on nutrition facts, like how many calories children their age need per day and how many calories are in different foods. They will also learn about good fats and bad fats, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. The remaining 20 minutes are spent on doing yoga! They are learning about yoga breathing, the importance of alignment, their body’s core, muscles, joints, as well the yoga positions. As soon as their mats arrive, we will be doing some of the floor positions. Students have reported that it is “a little bit hard”, and that they are “sore!” the next day….which is good, that means they are using muscles they don’t ordinarily use! Come join us! We are having fun!

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Learning about Healthy Foods

Students in Haywood Elementary Extended Learning Program recently enjoyed making healthy snowman snacks and learning about the vitamins and minerals in bananas, blueberries, and other healthy foods they used to make their really cute snowmen. Ms. Karetha Miller, who directs the Save the Children Reading program and Mr.Cedric Bunch, the Director Haywood Extended Learning Program, invited Mrs. Cindy Smith, the School Health Coordinator, to teach a lesson about healthy snacks. Students were provided a take home paper explaining the vitamins in their delicious snacks, plus pictures, since most of them ate their snowmen before they went home!

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