Haywood High School Soccer Teams

Haywood High School 2018 Soccer Team

Members of the HHS 2018 Soccer team are (from left, front) Jacob Sanchez, Cesar Sanchez, Erique Ponce, Jose Morales, Uziel Policarpo, Abi Vasquez, Darius Watkins, Jorge Zanabriga, and Abdias Zanabriga; (back row) Cheyenne Commage, Treveon Banks, Omarion O’neal, Livan Quintana, Brandon Cantu, Noah Young, Joel Perez, and Isaac Melo. Coaching the team is Luis Rosales.

Haywood High School 2018 Soccer Boys Schedule

Date                    Opponent                     Place                   Time

March 22             Gibson                         @Haywood         @6:00

March 26             Crockett                      @Haywood          @5:30

April 3                  Liberty                         @Haywood           @5:30

April 5                  Ripley ⃰⃰                         @Haywood          @5:30

April 9                  Covington ⃰⃰                  @Haywood          @5:30

April 12                Millington ⃰⃰                   @Millington           @6:00

April 17                Fayette Ware ⃰⃰              @Haywood         @5:30

April 19                Madison                        @Madison Ac       @5:30

April 26                Milan                            @Milan                   @6:00

May 1                    JCS                              @JCS                     @5:30

May 4                    Gibson                   @Gibson Co.        @5:30

⃰⃰ District Games

Coach is Luis Rosales


Haywood High School 2017 Girls Soccer Team

Members of the HHS Girls Soccer team are (from left, front) Emiliee Manchester (20), Makala Mullins (16), Carson Pittman (5), Ahmadia Hines (3), Andrea Cantu (6), Sujey Gasper (10), Mia Gaietto (19), Anna Haynes (13), and Allysia Perez (9); (second row) Coach Luis Rosales, Sanaa Muex (22), Machaela Parker (7), Elizabeth Porter (11), Brierra Starks (00), Riley Simmons (12), Chaoyue Yuan (8), My’Kala Mullens (16), Demarionna Mullins (4), #1 Fan Alex Policarpo, and Coach Tim Grapes. Not pictured are Ann Wesley Banks (2) and Manager Lena Smith.

HHS 2017 Boys Soccer Team

Members of the 2017 Haywood High School Boys Soccer Team are Cesar Sanchez, Luis Pedron, Enrique Ponce, Jacob Sanchez, Alexis Policarpo, Trenton Jolly, Abimael Vazquez, Jose Morales, Coach Tim Grapes, Cheyenne Commage, Joel Banks, Tiriyon Wilks, Jorge Zanabriga, Trevor Fergusion, Xavi Rosales, Isaac Melo, and Head Coach Luis Rosales




HHS 2015 Girls Soccer archive

2016 Haywood High School Soccer Team