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Class of 2016: 
Important Dates and Information for Tennessee Promise




Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Haywood County School System is participating in the Tennessee School Climate Survey. The survey is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education as part of a larger initiative to enhance school support for students, increase school safety, and provide a positive learning environment. Monitoring perceptions of school environments and documenting needs and improvements in these environments are an important part of ensuring that school climate is improving. The hope is that this survey will become a valuable tool for improving the climate in Tennessee schools.

We want our school system to be the best it can be.  Please fill out this survey and tell us what you think about what we are doing well and what you think we could do better.  If you have more than one child in this school system, you may pick which one you want to think about when answering the questions in that school survey.  You may take a survey for each school your child attends. This survey is anonymous.  No one will know which answers came from you, and it will not be possible to connect your answers to your child in any way.  Thank you very much for your participation. 

Anderson Early Childhood Center:  http://www.questionpro.com/t/ALa5QZTSsi

Haywood Elementary:  http://www.questionpro.com/t/ALa5QZTSse

East Side:  http://www.questionpro.com/t/ALa5QZTNhx

Haywood Middle School:  http://www.questionpro.com/t/ALa5QZTNiA

Haywood High School/ SHILC:  http://www.questionpro.com/t/ALa5QZTNh3





Haywood High School
1175 East College Street
Brownsville, TN 38012




Principal: Dr. Jerry Pyron (pyronj@k12tn.net)

Dr. Jerry Pyron is serving as Principal at Haywood High School. He has been employed by the Haywood County School System since 1990 and has 22 years of teaching experience. Most recently he has taught at Haywood Middle School. He began his work at Haywood High School in August 2009 as assistant principal. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Union University, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate in Leadership and Professional Practice from Trevecca Nazarene University. He and his wife, Alison, have two sons.





Assistant Principal: Tim Seymour (seymourt@k12tn.net)

Mr. Tim Seymour is an assistant principal at Haywood High School. He was the Coordinator of the Alternative Learning Center during the 2011-2012 school year. Mr. Seymour taught Physical Education at Sunny Hill Elementary school for eight years and served as a football coach of the Haywood Tomcats from 2001-2010 including two years as Head Coach.  Mr. Seymour earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science in 2000 from The University of Memphis. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Education with a concentration in Instructional Leadership from Trevecca Nazarene University. He is married to Alisa Seymour.



Assistant Principal: Paige Ferguson (fergusonp1k12tn.net)

Mrs. Paige Ferguson is serving as Assistant Principal at Haywood High School. She has been in the education field for 26 years.  Her experience spans High School, Middle School, and Elementary. She has spent the last six years as an Instructional Facilitator.  She is new to the Haywood County School System; however, she has lived in the area (just across the county line) for 30 years.  Mrs. Ferguson received her degrees from Lambuth University and has hours above from Cumberland University.  She comes from a long line of educators … father, mother, sister, daughter, aunts, uncles, and several cousins … you could say it is the “family business.”  She is married to Mark “Buddy” Ferguson, who is Battalion Chief with the Jackson City Fire Department, and has two daughters/son-in-laws and three precious grandchildren!


Director of Career and Technical Education: Pam Diebold (dieboldp@k12tn.net)

Mrs. Pam Diebold begins her fourth year as Director of the Career and Technical Education at Haywood High School. She came to the directorship after teaching 10 years in the department. Mrs. Diebold graduated from high school in Ballard County, Kentucky, and earned a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from Lambuth University. She received her Occupational Foods Endorsement in 2002 from the University of Tennessee at Martin, and completed her Master’s in Educational Leadership from American InterContinental University in 2009. She began working for Haywood County Schools as a Culinary Arts teacher in 2000. She has served as an officer in the professional organization for teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (TATFACS), and was a regional representative in 2009 -2010. Mrs. Diebold served as the organization’s vice president for 2010-2011. She and her husband, Barry, have three sons.



Instructional Facilitator: Janet Stallings  (stallingsj@k12tn.net)

Ms. Janet Stallings is serving as Instructional Facilitator at Haywood High School. She has been in the education field for 37 years. Her experience spans high school through early childhood education. Much of her previous experience was in Kentucky where she served as principal for Murray Independent Schools for several years. Most recently she has served as a consultant and recovery leader for turnaround schools in Tennessee and Kentucky. She is new to the Haywood County School. Ms. Stallings received her Bachelor's Degree from Union University and Master's Degree from Arkansas State University. She also received Rank I degrees from Murray State University in Education and Western Kentucky University in Educational Leadership and Early Childhood Education. She has one daughter, who is also an educator, and three wonderful grandchildren who live in the West Tennessee area.




Name Position E-mail address
Jerry Pyron Principal pyronj@k12tn.net
Paige Ferguson Assistant Principal fergusonp1k12tn.net
Tim Seymour Assistant Principal seymourt@k12tn.net
Janet Stallings Instructional Facilitator stallingsj@k12tn.net
Lane Gillespie Secretary hollowayl3@k12tn.net
Shanell Moore  Secretary – Guidance moores6@k12tn.net
Rachel Lewis Secretary lewisr2@k12tn.net
Joyce Caldwell Financial Secretary caldwellj1@k12tn.net
Vicki Deberry Guidance Counselor deberryv@k12tn.net
Paula Edwards Guidance Counselor edwardsp5@k12tn.net
Lara English Guidance Counselor englishl@k12tn.net
Name Position E-mail address
Baird, Whitney Biology, Girls' BB Coach  baird2@k12tn.net
Baxter, Linda Chemistry baxterl2@k12tn.net
Bridgewater, Glynn English bridgewaterg@k12tn.net
Burnett, Lauren Drama burnettl1@k12tn.net
Byrum, Allyson Broadcasting byruma@k12tn.net
Camp, Zachary Inclusion campz@k12tn.net
Chapman, Frank Physical Science chapmanf@k12tn.net
Chilcutt, Holly English chilcutth@k12tn.net
Cunningham, John Science cunninghamj4@k12tn.net
Dahlhauser, Julie Librarian dahlhauserj@k12tn.net
Dailey, Delois JROTC daileyd1@k12tn.net
Dancy, Kendall History, Head BB Coach  dancyk@k12tn.net
Davis, Phillip Inclusion davisp10@k12tn.net
Davis, Stark JROTC daviss111@k12tn.net
Dillingham, Jackie Inclusion dillinghamj@k12tn.net
Dotson, Melanie English dotsonm1@k12tn.net
Eubanks, Chris Math eubanksc@k12tn.net
Friedman, Jennifer Art riedmanj@k12tn.net
Goedecke, Melinda Show Choir, General Music goedeckem2@k12tn.net
Griffith, Rob ESL griffithr4@k12tn.net
Guth, Elisabeth English guthe@k12tn.net
Hamilton, Catherine P.E. hamiltonc5@k12tn.net
Hay, Alexandria LRE seatona@k12tn.net
Hookfin, Steve Head Football Coach, P.E. hookfins@k12tn.net
Ivey, Brian Science iveyb@k12tn.net
Jetton, Randy Charles   History jettonr@k12tn.net
Johnson, Sarita Math johnsons5@k12tn.net
Jones, Zandra Math jonesz1@k12tn.net
Kornegay, Jarrod History jpkornegay@yahoo.com
Lancaster, Lauren Spanish lancasterl1@k12tn.net
Littlejohn, Kyle Bridge Math littlejohnk@k12tn.net
Martinez, Suzanna English martinezs2@k12tn.net
Mason, Rick History masonr1@k12tn.net
Miller-Mans, Tarsha English manst@k12tn.net
Mitchell, Tracy Math mitchellt4@k12tn.net
Newman, Tyler Finance, Head Baseball Coach newmant2@k12tn.net
Parker, John Sgt JROTC parkerj14@k12tn.net
Pratt, Anne-Marie Algebra I pratta2@k12tn.net
Rosales, Luis Spanish rosalesl@k12tn.net
Savage, Rachel Geometry rsavage115@gmail.com
Sheets, Shandi English sheetss1@k12tn.net
Smith, Kierra Chemistry smithk20@k12tn.net
Snow, Tanya Inclusion snowt@k12tn.net
Snyder, Michael U. S. History snyderm3@k12tn.net
Timberlake, Cherie History timberlakec@k12tn.net
Turner, Max Math turnerw1@k12tn.net
Wade, Dumanic Band pattersond3@k12tn.net
Wellington, Barbara Special Education wellingtonb@k12tn.net
Wilson, Taylor English wilsonlt@k12tn.net
Name   E-mail address
Aguilar, Humberto   aguilarh@k12tn.com
Beard, Terrance   beardt@k12tn.net
Blair, Quanita   blairq@k12tn.net
Bufford, Mary   buffordm2@k12tn.net
Chatman, Rodney    
Comage, Roger   comager@k12tn.net
Cox, Carolyn   coxc12@k12tn.net
Douglas, Sanidra   douglass5@k12tn.net
Green, Andre   greena1@k12tn.net
Greer, Beverly   jonesb18@k12tn.net
Henderson, Christy   hendersonc6@k12tn.net
Muex-Bond, Angela   bonda2@k12tn.net
Powell, Calondria   powellc11@k12tn.net
Sanders, Carolyn   sandersc4@k12tn.net
Shaw, Tyion   shawt2@k12tn.net
Vestal, Jennifer   vestalj@k12tn.net
Woodland, Priscilla   woodlandp@k12tn.net
Name   E-mail address
Jarrett, Sharon   jarretts1@k12tn.net
Jarrett, Lisa    
Sharp, Joyce    
Enciso, Edgar    
Gaters, Brenda    
Newbern, Deborah    
Pattat, Alice    
Taylor, Johnnie Ruth     
Williamson, Sandra    
Name Position E-mail address
Pam Diebold Director dieboldp@k12tn.net
Jean Lein Secretary leinj@k12tn.net
Freda Goodwin Financial Secretary goodwinf@k12tn.net
Name Position E-mail address
Black, Patrick Criminal Justice blackp@k12tn.net
Cross, Shelby Agriculture crosss2@k12tn.net
Davis, Julie Business Technology jdavis3@k12tn.net
Grapes, Tim Business grapest@k12tn.net
Haynes, Sarah FACS hayness2@k12tn.net
Jarratt, Denita FACS jarrattd@k12tn.net
Joyner, John Agriculture joynerj@k12tn.net
Moss, Skipper Electrical I & II mosss@k12tn.net
Noles, Vickie Culinary Arts nolesv@k12tn.net
Taylor, Julie Health Science taylorj12@k12tn.net
Turner, Brandlin Health Science turnerb31@k12tn.net