Career Day – East Side Elementary School

It’s never too early to start exploring career options.  

On Friday, May 6, East Side Elementary School (ESE) hosted its inaugural Career Day.  21 local industries participated, and The Wings of Life helicopter even made an appearance which excited everyone in attendance.  

The idea behind hosting a Career Day is to allow students to see and talk to employees from a variety of careers.  In doing that, the students can gather important information about each career and start to form an idea of ones they may want to explore in greater detail.

ESE school counselor, Latresa Bond, organized the Career Day with the hope of exposing students to different options.

“Hopefully, we can expose students to different opportunities with Career Day; if their plan A doesn’t work out then there’s a plan B,” Latresa explained.  “Just knowing that options are out there is key.”

Options and opportunities are cornerstones of the educational philosophies at each school in Haywood County Schools.  Each student deserves to have as many options available to them when it comes to learning and their post-secondary lives.  

Latresa also knows that there are important things she can begin to instill in her students at ESE that will translate to future success regardless of what career path they choose.

“We live in the world of technology, but I really try to instill in students the importance of communicating with one another in person,” she explained. 

Soft skills are the skills that are in the highest demand in any contemporary work profession.  Businesses are looking for employees who can communicate well, work efficiently, and show up to work consistently.  Latresa makes sure that teaching students these soft skills is a priority.

Moving forward, Latresa wants Career Day at ESE to be an annual event where students can connect with different industries and careers within the community of Haywood County.

“I want this to be an annual event.  We’ll take a look at what worked and what didn’t work this year, so we can plan the best way to move forward for future Career Days,” she said.