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HCS Employees are Appreciated

On Friday, May 10, at Haywood High School, Haywood County Schools treated all employees to lunch before acknowledging their dedication to the children of Haywood County. Superintendent Joey Hassell, along with members of his staff at the District office, recognized employees for perfect attendance, as Teachers of the Year, for their years of service, and finally, those who are retiring. “We appreciate you for all you do to make Haywood County Schools a great place to learn!”

A band of teachers  from Ripley, “Professional Development,” entertained the group, singing the melodies of songs with their own words about teaching and the life of a teacher. Everyone enjoyed the band’s performance. 

Several teachers became part of the show when they danced to the beat of the performing teachers.

Perfect Attendance 2018-2019

Anderson – Charles Bynum, Laurel Garrett, Cuwannia Kent, McKinna Moore and (the late) Kelly Key

Haywood Elementary – Amanda Stanley, Elizabeth Lovelace, Twyla King, Bobbie Gavin,  and Jane Tribble

East Side Intermediate – Tressy Halbrook, Nicole Johnson, Samantha Wiley, and Devin Butner.

Haywood Middle School –  Sandra Humphreys, Michelle Tillman, Tanya Tyus, Marianne Valdez, Vladimir Valdez, and T. J. Crutchfield

Haywood High School – Jackie Deming, Carolyn Logan, Richard Kemper, and John Wilson


Board of Education – Brittany Avent, Knox Cavitt, Chris Davis, Art Garrett, Joey Hassell, Will Davis, Lakisha Hess, Benjamin Rogers, Johnnie Rogers, George Seymour, Claudette Shaw, Queen Taylor, and Tonia Walker

Building and System Level Teachers of the Year

Anderson – Brittany Ferrell (Grades K-4 System Level), Haywood Elementary – Stacy Taylor,  East Side Intermediate –Tanika Pickens (5th Grade Teacher), Haywood Middle School – Tanya Tyus (Grades 5-8 System Level),
Haywood High School – Shandi Sheets (Grades 9-12 System Level)

Chamber Educator of the Year

Jaclyn Eubanks

2019 Tenure

Anderson – Brittany Ferrell – Haywood Elementary – Sylvia Brown,  Maggie Howell,  Brenda Jackson, Megan Mysinger, Darlene Wellington, and Haywood High School – Chris Eubanks

Superintendent’s Study Council Members 2018-2019

Anderson – Kim Conner, Suzie May, Jessie Warren – Haywood Elementary – Pamla Reagan, Juanita Williams, Amanda Stanley – East Side Intermediate – Daphne Maclin, Cindy Moore, Tanika Pickens  – Haywood Middle School – Wardean Mabon, Tom Orr, Tanya Tyus – Haywood High School – Shandi Sheets, Dr. Dumanic Patterson, Priscilla Woodland – Career and Tech – Julie Davis Sunny Hill – Evelyn Delashmit

Years of Service

Anderson – Ralanda Currie, Leish Hopson, Cuwannia Kent, Lauren Shearon, Tera Stephens, and Carleigh Taylor (5 years) – Kim Conner, and Crystal Foster (10 years) – Shannon Glover (15 years) – Laurel Garrett and (the late) Kelly Key (25 years) – and Virginia Kimble (30 years)

Haywood Elementary – Lauren Ellington, Cayla Mirelez, Annette Taylor, and Daletha Walker (5 years) – Robin Fulcher, Jaime Rutkowski, and Karetha Taylor (10 years) – Stacie Carlton and Pamla Reagan (15 years) – Mary Burton, Lanna Hester, Shirley Hines, and Joyce Sanderlin (20 years) – Ruth Lewis, Nan Naylor, and Rhonda Taylor (25) years

East Side Intermediate – Jeff Comstock and Marty Todd (5 years) – Amy Morris (10 years) – Wanda Bond (15 years) – Martha Brummett (20 years) – Catherine Lester and Minnie Reed (25 years)

Haywood Middle School – Leamond Arthur, Stephanie Bizzell, Darrience Delk, Charita Perry, and Lauren Spitzer (5 years) – Tyion Shaw, Teril Cummins, and Grover Harwell (10 years) – Cindy Currie and Arethria Turner (20 years) – Mary Jane Williams (35 years)

Haywood High School – Vicky DeBerry, Jackie Gillingham, Paige Ferguson, Carolyn Logan, Luis Rosales, and Brandlin Turner (5 years) – Jordan Clagg, Frank Chapman, Jennifer Friedman, Tanesha Walker (10 years) – Mary Bufford, Allyson Bynum and Hattie Starks (20 years) – Zandra Jones (35 years)

Board of Education – Tom Houghton and Anthony Wicker (5 years) – Art Garrett (10 years) – Debbie Benard (20 years) – Denise Pearson (30 years) – Wendy Hopper (35 years) – Cindy Smith (40 years)

Cafeteria – Hattie Rivers (10 years) – Vearndell Stitts (15 years) – Peggy Hinsley and Cresandra Springfield (25 years), Brenda Parker (30 years)

Bus – Marion Jones (5 years) – John Allen, Cassandra Thompson, Carl Perry (10 years) – Cresandra Springfield (25 Years)


Linda Baxter (37 years), Glynn Bridgewater (42 years), Alma Crews (31 years), Romie Currie (26 years), Kenneth Emerson (24 years), Donnell Flagg (9 years), Ed Granberry (18 years), Opal Hay (36 years), Joann Lattimore (14.5 years), Anita Matthews (39 years), Vivian Miller (21 years), Gina Taylor (30 years), Winston Varnado (26 years), Marjorie Vaulx (44 years), Linda Whitten (9 years), Mary Jane Williams (35 years), and Darlene Young (12 years).