Title I

Federal Programs are a part of all our schools in Haywood County. Many of these programs were introduced back in the 1960s and have provided millions of dollars towards the education and nutrition of countless numbers of Haywood County’s citizens. These Federal Programs consist of our Title Programs (I IIA, IID, III, IV, V, VI). xc Education Program (IDEA), Vocational Education Program (Carl Perkins) and our Breakfast and Lunch programs.

Title I is the largest of the Federal Programs. We operate this program in our four elementary schools as school-wide programs. By classifying an elementary school as school-wide, it allows us to avoid individual identification of students who are not achieving at the level set forth by the federal government, thus avoiding stereotyping a student. Because of our school-wide status, we are able to use federal funds to indirectly assist those students who are not achieving at the proficient level. This is accomplished by hiring staff (teachers and assistants) to help lower the pupil-teacher ratio and assist in the classroom, provide additional materials, supplies and equipment for the classrooms, provide professional training for teachers, assistants and administrators, provide funds for operating our pre-school, and provide computer labs for all our elementary students.

The Open Houses at the different elementary schools serve as our annual meeting for various Federal Programs. Parents are encouraged to attend these functions. If they have any questions pertaining to any of the Federal Programs, they need to be addressed to the individual school administrators or contact the Haywood County Board of Education at 731-772-9613 and ask for the Federal Programs Director, the Special Education Director, the Vocation Education Director or the Food Service Director.