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Anna Robers


Anna Roberts will continue in her role as principal at Haywood Elementary School for the 2023-2024 school year.  Prior to being principal, Anna taught fifth grade at Sunny Hill Elementary and she also served as Assistant Principal at East Side Intermediate School. Mrs. Roberts taught for 11 years in the Haywood County Schools. She was born in Columbia, Missouri, and moved to Brownsville in 1995 because of her husband’s job with the University of Tennessee Extension Service. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Memphis and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Trevecca Nazarene University. She is married to Tim Roberts, and they have one daughter, Hannah, who graduated from Haywood High School.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in is married to Tim Roberts, and they have one daughter, Hannah, who graduated from Haywood High School in 2013.

Elizabeth Lovelace

Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Lovelace will continue in her role of assistant principal at Haywood Elementary School for the 2023-2024 school year.  Ms. Lovelace has been a teacher at Haywood Elementary since 2008 as either a first or second-grade teacher.  Throughout her teaching career, she has assumed numerous leadership roles.  Ms. Lovelace has served as a teacher leader for many years in both first and second grade where she has facilitated team meetings, analyzed data, and completed peer observations.  She has also been on the HES Lighthouse Team for The Leader in Me where she chaired the Aligning School Goals/Student-Led Academics Action Team. In 2008, Ms. Lovelace earned a Bachelor of Science in Learning Foundations from Union University.  After teaching for a few years in the classroom, she completed a graduate degree in education from the University of Tennessee at Martin with an endorsement in educational leadership. As a 2004 Haywood High School graduate, Ms. Lovelace had many teachers from the school system and community members that believed in her and pushed her to be the best she could be in life.  This created for her a love and dedication to the citizens of Haywood County. Having her own child in the system, she is a strong proponent for parental and community involvement within the school. Additionally, Lovelace is a passionate and positive person who wants to make a difference in the children of Haywood County.


Anna Roberts, Principal

Elizabeth Lovelace, Assistant Principal

TaNeezia Cook, PLC Coach

Elizabeth Pace, Secretary

Mary Beth Freels, Bookkeeper

Hannah Matlock, School Social Worker

Demetrice Adams, LEAD/Project BASIC

Charlie Miller, SRO                                                             


Latoya Chestnut, School Nurse


First Grade – ELA

Peggy Austin

Sarina Goss

Elizabeth McCage

Wychickia Watkins

Carrington Branch


First Grade – Math

Amanda Stanley

Darlean Wellington

Nan Naylor

Jessica Henson

Brooklyn Anderson


Second Grade – ELA

Sara Price

Jamie Rutkowski

Stacie Carlton

Laura Whitby

Amanda Sanchez


Second Grade – Math

Wendy Piercey

Brenda Jackson

Ariell White

Mary Paige Watts

Karen Latimer


Auxiliary Teachers

Patricia Gaietto – Music

Jennifer Jenkins – Library

Jamie Chandler – Art

Brett Grant – P.E.

Tara Pennington – STEAM



Lizzie Cooke – 1st Grade Inclusion

Lindsey Dowdy – 2nd Grade Inclusion

Cayla Mirelez – ESL


Educational Assistants

Lisa Perry

DarNitria Thompson

Annette Taylor

Ebony Garrett

Emma Lea

Allie Jacocks

Yvonne Shaw

Meghann Anderson

Katie Walls

Mary Burton

Anita Berry

Magen Alford

Shavonda Woods

Allison Rogers

Sylvia Jones

Phyllis Killen

Deede Arbuckle

Carolyn Cox

Katie Ellis

Angela Keita

Alicia Watkins

Holly Northcott

Courtney Freels

Rachella Lee

Lakisha Phillips


Nutrition Services

Felicia Jarrett – Manager

Jackie Stocking – Asst. Manager

Barbara Hayes

Adrian Muex

Hattie Rivers

Vearndell Stitts



Jesika Shockey

Alsey Wilson

Calvin Wilson


Departmental Assistants

Anita Powell (Office)

Bridget Dancy (FRC)