BOE welcomes HHS Choir

The Haywood County Board of Education members, along with Superintendent Joey Hassell, his administrative team, and guests at the meeting, enjoyed HHS students who sing in the school’s Show and Concert choirs entertain them with several songs.

The board’s first order of business was to renew the Superintendent’s contract. This was put off until this meeting because of the election. His contract was renewed for three years.

Jeremiah Cavitt, Director of Operations and Special Projects, requested that the money from the bus surplus sale be put back into the transportation budget. Board members approved his request. He also made a report to the board about working with Federal Projects to choose a vendor for the purchase of security cameras. They will be installed at each of the schools.

Board approval was required for the System/School Compliance Report. Superintendent Hassell recommended this and it was approved. The Board also approved an authorized vendor list for the 403b plans. Also approved was a request to amend the language to the 403b Plan Document to allow transfers in and out and rollovers into the plan from an authorized vendor within our 403b plan.

The Catherine Truss Calhoun Scholarship quarterly report showed a balance of $204,811 in the account. Budget amendments were also approved by board members.

Photographed at the meeting in an official capacity were Superintendent Joey Hassell, his administrative staff, board members and the four HHS student board members: Lillie Pittman, Everette Pettigrew, McKenna Barken and Jordan Cone.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 13.