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Dr. Marlon King resigns to take position with State Department of Education

Dr. King announced at the end of the School Board meeting Tuesday night, July 10, that he is resigning his position as Haywood County Superintendent of Schools. He has accepted with the Tennessee Department of Education as the Regional Director for the Southwest Tennessee Center of Regional Excellence (CORE). He praised the school system for its increases in achievement and gains, as did the State Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman and Deputy Commissioner Dr. Kathleen Airhart. He said our students did exceptionally well in both achievement increases and gains (TVAAS).

Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) is a statistical analysis of achievement data that reveals academic growth over time for students and groups of students, such as those in a grade level or in a school. TVAAS is a tool that gives feedback to school leaders and teachers on student progress and assesses the influence of schooling on that progress.  It allows districts to follow student achievement over time and provides schools with a longitudinal view of student performance. 

Dr. King said he will be working to improve academics in all the districts in his region, including Haywood County. He also said he will stay in his position until sometime in August to open the school year and to help make the transition run smoothly. King’s family will continue to be a part of HCS, as his wife will teach at Haywood Middle School and son will attend Anderson Early Childhood Center, as he believes in the incredible work that is happening in the school system.

Board members expressed their sadness at losing him but wished him well in his new position. They did not discuss plans for finding Dr. King’s replacement. King’s last day will be August 10.