Garrett retires

Harold Garrett retires from School Board

Thursday night, Superintendent of Schools Joey Hassell and his administration, along with family and friends, honored Harold Garrett, who is retiring, at a reception held before the board meeting for his service as a School Board member. He has served on the board for 29 years and 10 years as Chairman. He thanked everyone for their service to the children of Haywood County and asked that they continue to always put the needs of the children first. The occasion was an opportunity for Harold to stand with three superintendents for a photograph, including Joey, Teresa Russell and Marlin King. He said he has served with seven superintendents.

Because of a meeting conflict, board members approved a request from the Superintendent to change the September board meeting to Tuesday, September 4, instead of September 13. Another change was made to accommodate the voting schedule in November. October 5 was scheduled as a Professional Development Day for teachers, but that date was changed to Election Day on November 6. Haywood Middle School is a voting site, and students cannot be in school on an Election Day.

Homecoming is set for October 5. Board members approved for students to be dismissed for ½ day of school (at 11:30) for homecoming. Tailgating will begin in the football parking lot at 11:30 a.m., the parade begins at 1 p.m. and the ballgame against Crockett County begins at 7. At halftime, the homecoming court and representatives will be announced, and a homecoming queen will be crowned.

At the next school board meeting, the two newly elected school board members will take their seats, Betsy Reid and Gem Bell, and the board will elect a new chairman and vice chairman.

Superintendent Joey Hassell presented Christa Parker and Catherine Lester, leaders of the Read to be Ready program and offered his appreciation and compliments on a job well done. They offered an overall look at the program, which had the theme, Reading Olympics 2018. Ninety students participated in the program.

Representatives from the company managing the TRANE project and other improvements to the schools were present to give a progress report. They say that “the project is moving along; right on track.” They also said they had planned to be through in February 2019, they are scheduled to be through in November.

Board members approved on second reading Policy #6.200 regarding attendance. They also approved on first reading 10 other polices on insurance management, transcript alterations, testing programs, application and employment, recommendations and file transfers, family and medical leave, Qualifications and duties of the director of schools, code of conduct, corporal punishment, and child abuse and neglect.

CFO Larry Livingston presented a number of budget amendments to board members, which they approved. As of June 30 the Catherine Truss Colhoun Scholarship Report held a balance of more than $207,000.

The next scheduled school board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 4, at 6 p.m.