Haywood County 2011-2012 Youth Leadership

Members of the 2011-2012 Youth Leadership Class are Chris Parker, Amy Davis, Hannah Roberts, Rashaad Mann, Jamari Johnson, Tressa Perez, Rebecca Pearson, Katora Holmes, Morgan Marlar, Mary Drake Owen Sarah Lewis and Molly McAdams.

Selected Haywood High School juniors have a wonderful and unique opportunity to learn about the community and about responsibilities of leadership through the Haywood County 2011-2012 Youth Leadership Program. Sponsored by INSOUTH Bank and the Brownsville-Haywood County Chamber of Commerce, it offers 12 students each year insight into different elements which interact to form a strong and dynamic community and teaches them leadership skills.

According to the overview of the program, “One of the greatest challenges in our society today is the cultivation of effective and intelligent leadership for tomorrow. The development of an informed network of individuals ready to take responsibility should be a top priority. The mission of Haywood Youth Leadership is to lay the groundwork for future leadership by identifying and nurturing such young leaders.”

The primary objectives of the program are 1) to identify students who have exhibited qualities and the desire to use them for making their community better; 2) to give participants the opportunity to interact with community leaders and decision makers; and 3) to present programs that allow participants to become familiar with the various needs, opportunities, resources and problems of Haywood County.

The students meet once monthly and participate in sessions that include team building, law enforcement, community service and local economics and government. During the sessions, community leaders are invited to address the students on major issues, opportunities and problems of the community in which they have knowledge and expertise. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas and alternatives with these leaders.

INSOUTH sponsors for the program are Alan Callery, Tim Stokely, Jo Anne Finn and Brannon Williams.