Haywood County Schools announce 2016 Spelling Bee winners

The annual Haywood County Spelling Bee was held Friday, January 29, in the board room at the main office. The top five spellers in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades participated. Sixth graders participating were Kelsea Delk, Shamaiya Flagg, Johnathon Forrest, Kaleb Goodman, and Tybric Shaw. Participating seventh graders were Caleigh Cannon, Elizabeth Kirby, Drew McBride, Angel Medina and Aiden Morton. Among the eighth-grade participants were Destiny Medina, Djimon Jackson, Christian Spencer, Jamiya Turner, and Trianna Tyus.


Winning 1st Place was Christian Spencer and 2nd Place, Destiny Medina. Christian will compete in the Mid-South Spelling Bee at the Al Chymia Shrine Center in Memphis on March 5 beginning at 9 a.m.