Haywood Middle School Homecoming

The L.Z. Hurley football field was buzzing with the excitement of Haywood Middle School’s homecoming game. The school band was playing, football players were focused on the task at hand and young ladies were nervous as they waited their turn to take the field at half time. The stands were filled with football fans, family and friends.

The festivities were kicked off excitedly with a special surprise of the game ball being delivered directly to the field by the air medical transport helicopter, Hospital Wing.  

Half-time of homecoming game is always reserved for the girls chosen to be part of the royalty and their court.  One student from each class is chosen as a class representative making up the court.  Students make those choices as well as voting on royalty and ultimately the queen.    


Tamaya Stewart
Khadi Keita
Akeelah Harris
Alexa Leon
Alexis Coulston


Ashley Douglass
Elizabeth Mann
Lexis Shaw
Aniya Estes
Jordan Conner
Martha Carpenter