HCS honors students for ACT scores

Friday night, November 3, at halftime during the football game, Haywood County Schools recognized seniors, Class of 2018, who have an ACT composite score of 21 or higher. Each student will be recognized as a “Ready Graduate,” because of their ACT composite score. To date, HHS has 44 seniors who have earned the distinction of Ready Graduate. A composite ACT score of 21 or higher enables Tennessee graduates to apply for the HOPE Scholarship, begin college with college level courses opposed to having to take remedial courses first, and a 21 or higher indicates that students have the ability to earn a ‘C’ or higher in college level courses.

Chief Academic Officer Yvette Blue and HHS Principal Jerry Pyron presented to each of the seniors a medallion and a certificate acknowledging their achievement. Superintendent Joey Hassell was not able to participate since he was attending a Tennessee School Board Association Conference. However, Superintendent Hassell spoke with the seniors on Wednesday and congratulated them!

HCS will continue to celebrate its ‘Ready Graduates’ throughout the remainder of the year and beyond! The district and HHS administrative teams recognize that several students may achieve an ACT composite score of 21 or higher after this presentation, so those students will be recognized during the winter and spring sports seasons; they will also be recognized during the graduation ceremony. HCS will continue to promote academic excellence in conjunction with athletic excellence.

Students, along with their ACT composite scores, who qualified for this recognition were: Brittain Adams, 34; Erin Adkerson, 26; Jackson Alford, 23; Alex Ambrose, 25; Alaysia Applewhite, 23; Candace Berry, 22; Christina Berry, 23; Keshauna Bond, 23; Zayvania Byrum, 23; Amelya Cooper, 26; David Cummins, 21; James Currie, 23; Trevor Dancy, 25; Timothy Frederick, 23; Dominic Gaietto, 22; Grace Glaser, 25; Jakayla Halliburton, 21; Raven Harville, 25; Haley Hendrix, 22; Alexis Hines, 22; Karoline Hobock, 30; Adam Jolo, 26; Jacob Jordan, 23; Jonathan Lara, 23; Mikala Leath, 29; Kaitlin Leath, 30; Tyler Martin, 22; Tyler Morton, 21; Delmy Ortega, 28; Elizabeth Porter, 22; Jasmine Reece, 22; Chelsea Rochevot, 21; Benjamin Rodriguez, 21; Alexis Rodriguez, 22; Hunter Siler, 23; Brierra Starks, 23; Temple Taylor, 21; Seth Thompson, 27; David Warren, 23; Aja Watkins, 21; Megan Watson, 21; Logan Wilburn, 23; Landon Wilson, 29; and Jalen Winters, 21.