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HCS Winter Fitness/Weight Loss Challenge announces winners

The Winter Fitness/Weight Loss challenge was sponsored by Haywood County Schools Coordinated School Health and went for eight weeks – January 17 through March 17. The first-place team won Apple iPad Minis, and everyone else who completed the final weigh-in won the right to wear blue jeans to school each Friday in May, provided they wear their purple fitness challenge ribbon.

Congratulations to all HCS employees who completed the winter fitness challenge! Here are the top three weight loss partners:

1st place: Gaietto, Lovelace                   HES      8.7% total body weight

2nd place: Emerson, Hart                       BOE      8.3% total body weight

3rd place: Masters, Springfield             AECC      7.5% total body weight

80 people completed the challenge and lost a total of 392 pounds!!!

“It has been proven that mental and physical fitness definitely affects academic performance and success,” Cindy Smith, Coordinated School Health Director said. “Thanks to all of you for improving the health of Haywood County Schools. Keep Going!”