HHS Class of 2012 Receives $1,746,535 in scholarships

Top Ten
The following Distinguished Scholar students are the Top Ten in the senior class:


1. Madison Eubanks, 1. Reeves Garrett 1. Taylor Primrose 1. Seth Tillman 5. Kaylee Avant 6. Jay Clinton 7. Karla Cisneros 7. Nijaa Murray 9. Patrick Sellari and 10. Tawana Smith.

Madison Eubanks, Reeves Garrett, Taylor Primrose and Seth Tillman, received the Valedictorian Award for having the highest scholastic average in the Distinguished Scholar Program. Madison, Reeves, Taylor and Seth have maintained a 4.0 GPA during their four years in high school.

Remaining Top Ten
In addition to our Valedictorians, the following students received an award for placing in the top 10 grade-point averages in the Distinguished Scholar Program: 5. Kaylee Avant, 6.  Jay Clinton,
7. Karla Cisneros, 7. Nijaa Murray. 9. Patrick Sellari and 10. Tawana Smith.

Thirty-Plus Club Award
Kaylee Avant, Madison Eubanks, Daniel Evans, Reeves Garrett, Taylor Primrose, Kaitlyn Schwarz, and Seth Tillman are all members of the Haywood High School Thirty-Plus Club.  Each of these students has scored 30 or above on the ACT, and received a cord and pin from Dr. King signifying their achievement.

Joe T. Naylor Award
Reeves Garrett received the Joe T. Naylor Award for having an ACT composite score of 33.  This award is given to the boy in the senior class with the highest ACT score.

Ed Thompson Award
Taylor Primrose received the Ed Thompson Award for having an ACT composite score of 34.  This award is given to the girl in the senior class with the highest ACT score.

Outstanding Career-Technical Scholar Award
Bianca Murrell received the Outstanding Career-Technical Scholar Award. The recipient of this award was chosen by the Career and Technical teaching staff and administration.

DAR Good Citizenship Award
Seth Tillman received the DAR Good Citizenship Award.  This award is voted on by the HHS Faculty each year.

Army Scholar Athlete Awards
Chelsey Owens and DeMarcus Coney are recipients of the Army Scholar Athlete award.
Marine Distinguished Athlete Award
Trinity Jackson and Devin Gibbs are recipients of the Marine Distinguished Athlete Award.

Marine Scholastic Excellence Award
Donitra Kent and Daniel Evans are recipients of the Marine Scholastic Excellence Award.

Marine Semper Fidelis for Musical Excellence Award
Allison Hardaway is the recipient of the Marines’ Semper Fidelis for Musical Excellence Award.

Recognition of Seniors Entering Military Service
Cassie McCaslin is joining the United States Navy. Jerred Mize, Chionte McGhee, Kiara Shaw and Prince Williams are joining the United States Army National Guard.
Tennessee Scholars
The Tennessee Scholars program is a business-led initiative endorsed by the Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tennessee Business Roundtable, and many other education coalitions across the state.  To become Tennessee Scholars, students must complete a rigorous academic and technical course of study that exceeds the minimum requirements for a diploma.  Additionally, they must meet other criteria including at least 40 hours of community service.  It speaks well of Haywood High School and of our senior class that 38 of our graduates meet all the requirements for Tennessee Scholar status, and that they collectively have performed nearly 2,300 hours of community service during the past four years.

Those earning this recognition are:
Victoria Ambrose, Kaylee Avant, Harley Baggett, Paige Battle, Blake Bond, Karla Cisneros, Jay Clinton, DeMarcus Coney, Maranda Dempsey, Madison Eubanks, Brionna Fields, Reeves Garrett, Laura Gavin, Devin Gibbs, Allison Hardaway, Alycia Johns, Donitra Kent, Zaneese Kinchelow, Kendra King, Sheronica Mercer, Rachel Morris, Nijaa Murray, Chelsey Owens, Elesha Powell, Taylor Primrose, Sumeur Pugh, Emily Siler, Tawana Smith, Seth Tillman, Cedric Tyus, Chasity Tyus, Ashley Wellington, Justin Wiley, Jayme Evans, Trinity Jackson, Cassidy Dickerson, Daniel Evans and Kaitlyn Schwarz.

Our community participates in the REDI College Access Program. Jo Matherne, Mayor of the City of Brownsville, and the Franklin Smith, Mayor of Haywood County, presented the Haywood County-City of Brownsville Scholarships totaling $3,600 per year for 2 years to these students to attend post-secondary institutions for the 2012-2013 academic year. Harley Hendrix – Jackson State Community College; Houston Cozart – University of Tennessee, Martin; Cody Baggett – Tennessee Technology Center, Whiteville; Anna Reid – University of Tennessee, Martin; Emily Siler – Jackson State Community College; Cassidy Dickerson – University of Memphis; Maranda Dempsey – University of Tennessee, Martin; Khadeeja Freeman – University of Tennessee, Martin; Dalton Jones – University of Tennessee, Martin; Kaylee Avant – University of Tennessee, Martin

College and University Scholarships — $604,940 (4 years)

The following students have received scholarships from colleges and universities.  Please stand when I call your name and remain standing until all recipients have been recognized.

Alexis Peeples – Athletic Scholarship – Bethel University

Je’Coliah Williams – Academic Scholarship – Dyersburg State Community College $1,300 per year for 1 year

Jay Clinton – The Diehl Scholarship – Rhodes College – $25,500 per year for 4 years = $102,000

DeMarcus Coney – Tennessee Pledge Scholarship – University of Tennessee, Knoxville – $7,800 per year for 4 years = $31,200; Phi Delta Kappa Education Scholarship- $1,000 for one year; Tennessee Pays College Teaching Scholarship – $5,000 per year for 4 years = $20,000 – TOTAL for 4 years = $52,200

Seth Tillman – Presidential Scholarship – Rhodes College – $31,280 per year for 4 years = $125,120

Kaylee Avant – Chancellor’s Award – University of Tennessee, Martin; $3,000 per year for 4 years = $12,000

Madison Eubanks – UT Volunteer Scholarship – University of Tennessee, Knoxville $4,000 per year for 4 years = $16,000

John Person – Music Scholarship – University of Tennessee, Martin; $4,500 per year for 4 years = $18,000

Bianca Murrell – Teacher Recommendation Scholarship, Sullivan University, $500 per year for 2 years = $1,000; FCCLA State STAR Events Leadership Scholarship – $500 for one year – TOTAL = $1,500

Reeves Garrett – Provost’s Scholarship – Union University – $24,940 per year for 4 years = $99,760

Karla Cisneros – Presidential Scholarship – St. Mary’s University – $12,500 per year for 4 years = $50,000 – Viyao Scholarship – $16,390 per year for 4 years = $65,560
TOTAL = $115,560

Taylor Primrose – Academic Presidential Scholarship – Auburn University – $15,000 per year for 4 years = $60,000 – Chemical Engineering Departmental Scholarship- $1,000 for 1 year – TOTAL = $61,000

Ashley Wellington – Alumni Leadership Scholarship – Union University – $125 per year for 4 years = $500

HOPE Scholarships — $260,000   ($1,040,000 over 4 years)

The State of Tennessee provides HOPE Scholarships for students who meet certain academic requirements and who will continue their education at a postsecondary school in Tennessee. The following 65 seniors meet those academic criteria and are eligible for scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,500 per year, pending approval from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.  Other students may qualify as their application process is completed. Qualifying are Paige Battle, DeMarcus Coney, Houston Cozart, Madison Eubanks, Jayme Evans, Brionna Fields, Reeves Garrett, Devin Gibbs, Allison Hardaway, Bria Jelks, Alycia Johns, Rachel Johnson, Denesha Jones, Rachel Morris, Samantha Mouser, Nijaa Murray, Sumeur Pugh, Anna Reid, Tawana Smith, Christopher Swain, Becca Taylor, Seth Tillman, Kyle Watson, Justin Wiley, Prince Williams, Ashley Woods, Victoria Ambrose, Harley Baggett, Brittany Boyd, Christian Canada, Tamarcus Clark, Morgan Currie, Maranda Dempsey, Cassidy Dickerson, Dallas Elrod, Daniel Evans, Khadeeja Freeman, Laura Gavin, Harley Hendrix, Trinity Jackson, Donitra Kent, Zaneese Kiinchelow, Kendra King, Ivory Kinnon, Whitney Lewis, Jasmine Maclin, Sheronica Mercer, Chelsey Owens, Ida Parrish, John Person, Leteya Prewitt, Ebony Sangster, Kiara Shaw, Itianna Shirley, Emily Siler, Adrianna Taliaferro, Anthony Thaxton, Marquisha Thomas, Sara Tinsley, Chasity Tyus, Ashley Wellington, Derrick Wilson, Errick Wilson

Students who have an ACT score of 29 or higher and who have a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher qualify for the General Assembly Merit Scholarship in addition to the HOPE Scholarship.  Six of our graduates – Reeves Garrett, Jay Clinton, Madison Eubanks, Kaylee Avant, Taylor Primrose, and Seth Tillman – meet these qualifications and will receive General Assembly Merit Scholarship, pending approval from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.

Local Scholarships – $94,395 

The Brownsville Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,000  – Awarded to  Devin Gibbs

INSOUTH Bank Community Scholarships – $1,000 each   (2 scholarships) Awarded to Tawana Smith and Maranda Dempsey

Dunbar – Haywood County Training School / Carver High School Alumni Association, Haywood County Chapter Scholarship – 2 scholarships $500 each   Awarded to Brittany Boyd and Cassidy Dickerson

The C. A. Rawls Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Sheronica Mercer

Fair Lily Chapter No. 35, Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship – $250 – Awarded to Chanel Jones

The Pearl Qualls Memorial Scholarships – Given by the Milwaukee Chapter, Dunbar-Haywood County Training/Carver High School Alumni Association
$500 each  – 2 scholarships) Awarded to  Justin Wiley and Sheronica Mercer

The Mann Scholarships – $2,000 — $500 per semester for 2 years – 2 scholarships
Awarded to Daniel Evans and Christopher Swain

Trooper John Gregory Mann Memorial Scholarship – $250 each  – 2 scholarships Awarded to  Cedric Tyus and Ashley Woods

The Ervin Scholarships – (4 scholarships)
Bergie E. Ervin Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Nijaa Murray

Nell Mann Ervin Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Tawana Smith

Florence Ervin Dickinson Williams Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to Brionna Fields

Bergie E. Ervin, Jr., Memorial Scholarship – $4,000 – Awarded to LaDarion Springfield

Brownsville-Haywood County Arts Council Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Kaitlyn Schwarz

Tennessee State University Alumni Association Scholarship – $500 – Awarded to Cedric Tyus

The Mary C. Ragland Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Kaitlyn Schwarz

The Elizabeth R. Norris Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 – Awarded to Elesha Powell

The Church Endowed Scholarship  – (Brownsville Baptist Church)
$2,795 per year for 4 years = $11,180 – Awarded to Reeves Garrett

The Reverend Clay Evans Scholarships – $1,000 each – 2 scholarships
Awarded to Savannah Phillips and Blake Bond

Marvin Taylor Memorial Scholarship – $2,000 – Awarded to Je’Coliah Williams

Alita A. Watkins Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Donitra Kent

First South Bank Scholarship – $1,100 for the 11th Distinguished Scholar
Awarded to Daniel Evans

First United Methodist Church – James Sumner Sharpe Memorial
Scholarship – $500 each    (4 scholarships) –  Awarded to Jay Clinton, Houston Cozart, Madison Eubanks, and Seth Tillman

The Tennessee Academy Foundation Scholarship – $1,000  – $500 each semester
Awarded to Houston Cozart

Tenth Review Club Scholarships – $200 each  (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Devin Gibbs and Kaylee Avant

Tennessee Academic Decathlon Achievement Scholarship – $300 each – 2 scholarships – Awarded to Madison Eubanks and Kaitlyn Schwarz

St. John Baptist Church Scholarship – $500 each – 5 scholarships – Awarded to  LaDarion Springfield, Victoria Ambrose, Ashuna Jeter, Je’Coliah Williams, and Shaquille Hudson

Central High School Alumni Association Academic Scholarship – $200 – Awarded to Cassidy Dickerson

Good Hope Baptist Church Scholarships – $300 each – 2 scholarships – Awarded to Khadeeja Freeman and Ashley Woods

Sidney Sternberger Memorial Scholarship – $460  – Awarded to Jasmine Maclin

The Haywood County Education Association Scholarship – $500  – Awarded to Laura Gavin

Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship – $500  – Awarded to Cedric Tyus

Gladys Evans Jones Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Keyondra Gayden

Catherine T. Colhoun Memorial Trust Scholarships – $2,000 each – 6 scholarships
Awarded to Alycia Johns, Karla Cisneros, Prince Williams, Kaitlyn Schwarz,
DeMarcus Coney, and Kaylee Avant

Nola Walker-Bond Scholarships – $700 each – 2 scholarships – Awarded to Errick Wilson and John Person

Robert E. Allison Humanitarian Scholarship – $1,000  – Awarded to Maranda Dempsey

Aiden Mann Hawkins Scholarship – $500 each   (2 scholarships) Awarded to Brittany Boyd and Maranda Dempsey

The Dailey and Minnie Walker Memorial Scholarship – $500 each   (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Cedric Tyus and Ashley Woods

The Meux Family Scholarship – $2,000  ($500 per semester for 2 years)     Awarded to Allison Hardaway

Marie H. Browning Foundation Scholarship – $500 – Awarded to Taylor Primrose

Willie James Memorial Scholarships – $1,000 – Awarded to Joshua Johnson
$1,500 – Awarded to Whitney Lewis

Memrie H. Butler and Ben Butler Memorial Scholarships – $500 each  – 2 scholarships – Awarded to Harley Hendrix and Justin Wiley

Willow Grove Church Scholarships – $500 each    (2 scholarships) – Awarded to Rathal Perkins and Chionte McGhee

Brownsville Exchange Club Scholarship – $1,000 – Awarded to Prince Williams

INSOUTH Bank Leadership Class Scholarship  – $150 each    (12 scholarships)
Awarded to Seth Tillman, Anna Reid, Taylor Primrose, Chelsey Owens, Laura Gavin, Reeves Garrett, Jayme Evans, Madison Eubanks, Jay Clinton, Karla Cisneros, Kaylee Avant and Victoria Ambrose

The Crowder “Doc”Chapman Memorial Scholarship – $255 – Awarded to Donnie Dancy

The Coburn Scholarships   – (Given in Memory of Mr. E. B. Coburn)
$700 each    (4 scholarships) – Awarded to Seth Tillman, Taylor Primrose, Jay Clinton, and Madison Eubanks

The Joe and Evelyn Naylor Memorial Scholarship – $1,200 – Awarded to Demarcus Nixon

Marla Angotti Memorial Scholarship – $750 – Awarded to  DeMarcus Coney

Margaret Ann Welch Memorial Scholarship – $750 – Awarded to Karla Cisneros

Hickory Grove M. B. Church Scholarship – $750 – Awarded to Bria Jelks

Friendship Baptist Church Scholarships – $500 each  – 3 scholarships – Awarded to Quinterius Steward, Akila Bond, and Steven King, Jr.

Dunbar/Haywood County Training/Carver High School Alumni Association, Nashville Chapter, Scholarship – $500  – Awarded to Ashley Woods

Jim Batchelor Memorial Scholarship – $400 – Awarded to Ebony Sangster

Ruby Jean Hawkins-Taylor Scholarships – $500 each   (3 scholarships)
Awarded to Kaitlyn Schwarz, Sheronica Mercer, and Houston Cozart

If students maintain their grades and remain eligible to renew the college and lottery scholarships for four years, the Class of 2012 was awarded a combined total of $1,746,535 in scholarships.

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