HMS begins Project LIT

Haywood Middle School teacher Shalondria Shaw and Patrice Boyd, are organizing a new opportunity for students and staff members to enjoy reading together. They are introducing Project LIT Community.

Our Belief
Project LIT Community envisions a future where all children become proficient, passionate readers who see the joy and value of reading, and who possess the literacy skills to choose their post-secondary path. In order for this to become a reality, every child deserves access to high-interest, culturally relevant books both inside and outside of school. Additionally, every child deserves daily opportunities to read, celebrate and discuss great books with peers and adults in their community.

What is Project LIT Community?
Project LIT Community is a national, grassroots LITeracy movement, a network of dedicated teachers and students who work together to:

  • Flood our communities with great books.
  • Host monthly community-wide book clubs and literacy events in schools across the country.
  • Champion and celebrate reading daily.
  • Inspire and support one another.

We’ll blog and Skype, participate in Project LIT Twitter chats, and share lesson plans, resources, strategies, and book recommendations.

How does it work?
Teachers engage their students in true service and project-based learning centered around literacy. In particular, each Project LIT site works to ensure that ALL community members have access to great books and bring people of ALL ages together through reading. Through the process, students become better citizens, and of course, more enthusiastic readers.

In 2017, Jarred Amato, an English teacher at Maplewood High School, and his students began Project LIT; LIT being short for literature, and also meaning “exciting” or “on fire.”  This summer, via Twitter, they invited other schools to join. Patrice Boyd and Shalondria Shaw completed the application on behalf of Haywood Middle School, and were approved to become Project LIT Site Leaders, along with 50 other teachers/schools around the country. At HMS, Project LIT Haywood, consists of community members, teachers, and students. HMS/HCS invites you, students and adults, to Project LIT Haywood Book Club, to read “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio. Together, as a community, we will officially begin reading on Monday, October 2. Joining Project LIT is flexible and easy! There are three ways that members can participate:

In-person at HMS for Project LIT Breakfast Book Club
Online via Project LIT Haywood’s Book Club Blog
In-print (typed/handwritten discussion submissions)

At the end of reading, as a community, everyone will discuss and celebrate this great piece of literature with food, fun, and fellowship. The date, time and place will be announced later. More information is coming soon! In the meantime, purchase your copy of Wonder by R. J. Palacio wherever books are sold. HMS will provide a free copy of the book selection to Breakfast Club members ONLY.  FYI, we are inviting everyone to donate copies as well, so spread the book love!