It’s A Sock Hop!

Anderson Early Childhood Center kicked off October with a Socktober Sock Drive.  With a goal of 500 new pair of socks by month’s end, the only logical way to celebrate was with a Sock Hop!

PreK and K students lined-up down the halls waiting their turn to show to their families and friends, all the dance moves they had learned for the big moment.

The little ones watched as Principal Charles Byrum took to the floor in a tie-dyed suit to let everyone know it was about to begin and Mrs Cunningham, in a tall pink wig, began her D.J. d uty.

There were poodle skirts, tie-dyed shirts, suits and everything in between on the little ones as they twirled, danced and sat awkwardly watching, unsure of their next move to show off.

Everyone had a great time and all the hard work of Amanda Masters and Ginger Cunningha , who taught all those dance moves, paid off!