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Libraries go live

Finding the perfect book just got a whole lot easier. The Haywood school libraries have new faces, and they are available on the Web.

The libraries’ new catalogs are completely web-based and can be accessed from the school websites. Just click on the “Library” link on your school’s page. From there you can see what’s new, what’s hot, and whether the book you want is in or out.

“When you browse for books, you will see a picture of the book jacket along with a summary and reviews, which will help answer the all-important question of what to read next,” said Haywood High School Librarian Julie Dahlhauser. “Student reviews will be published on our catalog. I’m asking my Library Club members to write reviews and start some buzz about their favorites.”

You can also check this page to find out what’s going on in your school’s library, and you can find links to other useful research tools such as World Book Online, Tennessee Electronic Library, and test prep sites.

Patrons can request a login from their librarian which will allow them to rate their favorite books and write reviews, reserve items they can pick up later, and check to see if they have any overdues.

The elementary libraries even have a visual search called KidzViz, so you can find books even if you are not yet a reading whiz.

All the librarians are excited about having this new tool which will make it easier to connect books with kids. During library time, they will show their students the features of the catalog. But parents are encouraged to get involved at home, too.
“It’s a great way to involve families in our literacy efforts.  As children become more familiar with books, we encourage them to share them with their families,” said Jan McAdams, Anderson’s librarian. “Being able to find their favorites from our catalog will help the student make the school-to-home connection, and having students own and share their reading enjoyment is our goal.”

For more information, contact your school’s librarian.