New Director of Federal Projects

Haywood County Schools is excited to welcome Megan Nichols as the new Director of Federal Projects for HCS.  

In this role, Megan will assist in budgeting, write and supervise grants, manage all federal funds, and evaluate federally funded programs within HCS.  Along with these responsibilities, Megan will play an integral role on the district leadership team in HCS.  

Megan has been a public school teacher for nine years with seven of those years spent in Haywood County Schools.  Megan received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Union University in 2012 and completed her Master of Arts in Education in 2015.  Following the 2016-2017 school year, Megan was recognized as the Teacher of the Year for HCS.  Along with teaching in the classroom, Megan also provided in-service training sessions on both the school and district levels.  

We are very happy to welcome Megan back to HCS and excited to have her serving in an important role in our district,” said Superintendent Joey Hassell.