Students attend Leadership Summit

Four Haywood Middle School students had the opportunity to attend the 5th Annual FutureStar Leadership Summit at The University of Tennessee at Martin on October 27. These students were able to explore the campus, learn about improving their leadership qualities, and attend college classes. Terrance Carpenter and Emani Hopkins attended a music class, Tanner Gatlin attended one on engineering, and Angelina Ferrer learned about radio and TV broadcasting. At the end of the day Terrance, Emani, Tanner, and Angelina joined students from the West Tennessee region in a drum circle. The trip was sponsored by First South Bank, Mrs. Della Ligon, Haywood County WestStar alumni. Ms. Gina Cozart accompanied the students. We look forward to seeing what these future leaders accomplish!

Emani Hopkins wrote, “My experience at West Star Future Stars was awesome. We went around the campus, went to the music department, and saw some dorms from the outside. We ate some amazing food and had an inspirational speaker come talk to us. Lastly, I had a great experience and would love to go back.”

Terrance Carpenter wrote, “It felt like I was an actual student. They treated me good and the food was awesome. I really had fun!”