Superintendent Hassell Speaks at Inservice

There was excitement in the air as our Haywood County teachers gathered for inservice this week.  Superintendent, Joey Hassell, made his way to each campus speaking with the teachers about the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

Superintendent Hassell shared encouraging words as he spoke about the fundamental foundation of our educational system.  He spoke of how we, as a community, are making changes that lift each child to their own personal best and said; “It’s not about lowering expectations for any child.”   He reminded our educators to; “Engage with families where they are, not where you think they should be or want them to be, but where they are.”

Throughout a presentation of how our schools are making huge strides forward and improving across the board there were reminders such as:  “Be relentlessly respectful – and respectfully relentless, We value an environment of high expectations where all decisions are student-centered, The importance of an effective partnership with family and community, as well as, We honor an environment where all students, staff and school board members continuously learn and grow.”

Teachers shared ideas and thoughts on the upcoming year and years ahead.

Superintendent Hassell joked as well as listened to concerns and praises.   As the morning came to a close he reminded everyone that, “Our job is to get better each and every day.  We are going to serve children and remember, respect breeds respect.”