Top readers at Anderson

Two Anderson Cubs have claimed the honor of being the first in their grade to be named to the coveted Sight Word Club. If you’ve had a child attend Anderson Early Childhood Center, you know what a celebrated accomplishment this is for students. Since reading is one of the most critical skills a student will learn – and starting at a young age so vital – Anderson offers this fun incentive to help motivate their students. Every child that successfully masters and memorizes their sight words earns the privilege of visiting the principal’s office to claim their special beach ball. Sight Words are some of the most frequently used words in the English language, comprising nearly 50-70 percent of any given text. Therefore, teaching these words as early as possible is considered crucial to elementary education. Sight words are words that should be read by just looking at the word without having to sound them out. Baylor Williams, pictured below, was the first Pre-K student to join the club this school year, while Duke Warren, pictured above, was the first kindergartener.