Why Haywood?

Coming on the heels of two fractured school years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of educators are considering a new career.  According to a poll conducted by the National Education Association in January of 2022, 90% of its members surveyed said that feeling burned out is a serious problem.  

On a macro level, educators are critical to the continuing success and development of our country as a whole.  On a micro level, finding and retaining teachers in Haywood County who want to teach in the community and invest in the lives of students is of the highest importance to the district.  Without passionate teachers, the plans and programs of a district would be null and void no matter how innovative those plans and programs are.  

In West Tennessee, there are multiple districts in need of teachers that are within driving distance of Haywood County.  Outside of the world of education, there are companies and job opportunities available in abundance.  So, what keeps our teachers in Haywood County?

As part of teacher appreciation week this May, we want to spotlight seven teachers in Haywood County Schools in a series called “Why Haywood?”  Each of these teachers exemplify a love for Haywood County and a passion for educating students who live in Haywood County.  

As part of the series, we interviewed teachers who were at various points on their respective career paths.   One teacher is closing out the final chapter of her career – each of those years spent in Haywood County.  Another teacher has recently transitioned from a career in the corporate world and is finishing her first year in the classroom as her daughter prepares to finish her Senior year at Haywood High School.  From veteran teachers to brand new educators, Haywood County is filled with teachers who pour themselves into the lives of each student in the district – from Anderson Early Childhood Center to Haywood High School to the Student Options Academy.  

Each teacher will be spotlighted in a written piece and on our podcast.  We’ll dive deep into why they want to be an educator and, more importantly, why they want to be an educator in Haywood County.