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Welcome to East Side Intermediate School

Dear Students and Parents,

East Side is so proud to be a Leader in Me school! The Leader in Me process involves students and staff infusing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey into our lives and lessons. The Habits are based on 20 years of leadership, character, and life skills training. The common “language” is part of our East Side culture and will continue to produce positive results year after year. Some of the ways we have seen students display the 7 Habits are shared below:

Habit 1—Be Proactive: takes pride in achieving good grades and demonstrating exemplary behavior; makes good choices; takes initiative to do things without being asked; takes responsibility for his/her actions; chooses an appropriate response instead of reacting negatively

Habit 2—Begin With The End in Mind: sets goals and works hard to reach them; organizes things and information; demonstrates the 7 Habits at school; encourages others to live the 7 Habits

Habit 3—Put First Things First: completes and submits homework regularly; stays on task in class; works first, then plays; prioritizes tasks

Habit 4—Think Win-Win: resolves problems with peers; cooperates with the teachers; waits his/her turn; creates new solutions for issues; reduces discipline referrals

Habit 5—Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood: listens to teacher/peers; shows kindness to others; waits to speak; doesn’t interrupt others

Habit 6—Synergize: works well in groups; team player; values and celebrates differences; practices creative cooperation to look for a third alternative that is better than the original solution

Habit 7—Sharpen the Saw: renews oneself physically, socially/emotionally, mentally and spiritually; is strong in the hard moments; improves oneself; seeks ways to be a leader

The Leader in Me is the process of taking those habits and integrating them into the school culture to support the students in becoming confident, responsible, self-disciplined people. We invite families to learn about and incorporate the Habits at home as well, so we can all speak the same language and successfully incorporate these great concepts!

Our hope is by creating a common language and expectation both at school and home, each child will have greater understanding of what these habits are and how they apply to their lives. Additionally, we hope families will enjoy utilizing this powerful tool. These timeless concepts are proven and successful for adults throughout the world and we want to support your family in finding the value in the Habits as well.

We believe that parents play a key role in the education of their children. Your words of encouragement, your interest in their work, your presence at school, and a hug each day are necessary for your child’s success. Parents count! Come to school, talk with us, and volunteer your time, talents, and energy. Your involvement will show your children that you value their education. Let’s work together to continue making East Side a great place to learn.

Sandra Humphreys, Principal

Mission – East Side Intermediate students will achieve proficiency through a balanced curriculum which includes Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies, which will prepare them to begin sixth grade.

Vision – Our vision is for East Side Intermediate School to be a child-centered, family-friendly, data driven school that represents and appreciates a diverse population and fosters collaboration among parents, staff, and students to provide a quality education to each student served.

MottoEast Side Intermediate: A Great Place to Learn


We believe it is important to provide a safe, comfortable environment that stimulates student learning and encourages appropriate behavior.

We believe that all students are valuable and unique in their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

We believe in providing quality instruction that utilizes a variety of research based teaching strategies and assessments.

We believe it is important to offer a balanced curriculum, which includes instruction in core subjects, technology, fine arts, and character education.

We believe in the importance of administrators, teachers, parents, and community partners working together to assure that all decisions made at East Side are student-centered.

We believe in teaching students the importance of following policies and procedures that will enhance their self-esteem through positive relationships between students and staff.

School Mascot: Wildcats
School Colors: Purple and White

East Side Student Handbook 2017-2018