Joey Hassell

Date: January 19, 2018
To: Haywood County
From: Joey Hassell, Superintendent
Re: Haywood County Schools’ Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities

In mid-July 2017, I outlined the first few months of my work in Haywood County on our district’s website. Specifically, I outlined key guiding principles to set the stage for the school system’s work moving forward:

  • Review the system’s organizational structure and seek strategies to strengthen our educational environment.
  • Foster equal access to quality education across our district while aspiring to meet the needs of our diverse student population.
  • Seek to improve internal & external communication and foster community involvement.
  • Provide a clear, succinct, and actionable plan for Haywood County Schools in conjunction with the Haywood County Board of Education members.
  • Foster a learning environment that is supportive of teachers and ALL students.

As a result of the first few months of my tenure, the school board, senior leadership team, and I met in early December to carefully map out a plan for Haywood County Schools. Our school board approved the plan at the December meeting, and the plan details the following:

  • Core Values
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Strategic Priorities

I have included the school system’s plan. Our team is committed to working with our people, exhibiting pride in our work, displaying a true passion for serving our students, and maintaining persistence in continuing improvement. We will see progress.

As a reminder, I can assure you that no one will work harder to build on the successes of OUR school system. I offer you my simple philosophy of work – simply put, plan your work and work your plan. I most certainly look forward to our continuing working together.

Core Values, Mission, and Vision

We Value:

  • an environment of high expectations where all decisions are student-centered.
  • passionate, caring, and focused employees who model leadership from where they serve.
  • effective partnerships with family and community.
  • a respectful, safe, and supportive learning environment.
  • an environment where all students, staff, and school board members continuously learn and grow.
  • honesty, integrity, and accountability for all.

Our Mission:

The mission of Haywood County Schools, in partnership with families and community, is to ensure an engaging, respectful, and safe environment where all students are empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue post-secondary opportunities.

Our Vision:

The vision of Haywood County Schools is that all students, under the guidance of a passionate and qualified staff, will be equipped with the academic and social skills needed to be successful and productive citizens.

Strategic Planning Priorities 2017-2021

Academic Achievement and Growth

  1. Increase literacy achievement and TVAAS growth across all grades.
  2. Increase numeracy achievement and TVAAS growth across all grades.
  3. Increase STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) opportunities and outcomes in all grades.
  4. Increase post-secondary readiness.

Student Supports

  1. Improve leadership and social skills.
  2. Provide academic intervention and enrichment opportunities for all.
  3. Increase the number of students participating in extra-curricular opportunities.

Quality of Personnel

  1. Recruit, hire, and retain passionate and quality employees.
  2. Provide quality, professional training to increase employee productivity.

Family and Community Engagement

  1. Increase community awareness of educational accomplishments, concerns, and priorities.
  2. Increase opportunities for positive family and community engagement at each school.

Budget and Operations

  1. Review and refine district policy and procedures.
  2. Maximize and align resources in all departments.

Capital Improvement/Outlay

  1. Complete comprehensive assessments of existing infrastructure.
  2. Define capital outlay priorities and develop long and short term plans for addressing those priorities.