Haywood High School Handbook


This handbook will serve as a guide throughout the year. It contains the basic rules and regulations governing academic programs, discipline, attendance, student services, and extracurricular activities at Haywood High School.

You should become familiar with the contents of the handbook, and you should make notes about any announced changes in or additions to this material. This year will hold many opportunities for you. Determine now what you want to achieve this year, and work every day to reach your goals.

2016-2017 HHS Student Handbook

2016-2017 Bell Schedules

Mission Statement

The mission of Haywood High School is to assist all students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to be successful, reliable, productive citizens.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for Haywood High School to be a school of excellence, providing all students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in life.

Belief Statements

  • The primary focus of decision-making at Haywood High School is the learning needs of all students.
  • Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to provide the skills and essential knowledge that help all students see a relationship between their education and their lives.
  • Administrators, faculty, and students use a variety of assessments to measure and improve the achievement of all students.
  • The community, parents, teachers, students, and administrators share the responsibility of making decisions that enable all students to become productive citizens.
  • All teachers and all students follow policies and procedures stated in their handbooks.
  • A variety of resources and support is offered to help all students to be successful academically.
  • The building of positive relationships is an important focus of our school.
  • A safe and physically comfortable facility is necessary to promote responsible teaching and to achieve learning among all students