Haywood High School Supply List


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Haywood High School Supply List

  1. Back Pack:

All students should have a back pack to keep books and supplies organized.

  1. Traditional School Supplies:

Paper, Pencils, Pens, Folders, 3-Ring Binders, Subject Dividers, Hi-Liters

*Note: The new requirements for Common Core instruction will involve more writing than in previous years. It is encouraged that students have an adequate supply of paper, pencils and pens on hand.

  1. Regulation Jacket:

Jackets with hoods are prohibited by the dress code. Colors should be navy, black, royal purple, or white.

  1. Belts:

Sagging pants will not be permitted. Students must wear a belt each day. Black, brown, or khaki are the only approved colors for belts. To avoid dress code violations, please purchase a belt for your child, and be sure that they follow the dress code.

  1. Ear Buds:

Students will have opportunities to work on computers at HHS, and at times, it will be necessary for them to listen to – as well as read – what’s on the computer.

  • Note: Additional supplies may be required by your child’s teacher.
  • Announcement:
    • Freshman Orientation is Thursday, August 4th, in the HHS Cafeteria at 9:00 A.M. Students must be on time and should bring pencil and paper. Parents are highly encouraged to attend this session with your child.