Academic Decathlon State Results 2017

Haywood High School had three teams who participated in the Academic Decathlon regional and state online competition as well as in a scrimmage that included teams from Tennessee, Connecticut, and Colorado. In the recent state-level competition, the HHS Purple Team placed second overall and qualified to participate in the national online competition in April. The Tomcat Team placed third overall as well as third in the Super Quiz, and the White Team placed fourth overall and tied with Seymour High School for second place in the Super Quiz. In all, the teams received two trophies, eight plaques for individual high scores, and 68 medals. Individual medalists and plaque winners are as follows:


The Purple Team members are Kaylin Partee, Corey Bond, Daniel Cruz, Jonathan Long, Pablo Marin, Ethan Baynes, Elliot Garrett, Mary-Wyatt Pettigrew, and Felescia Sanders. Team member Allison Pilant is not pictured. This is the team that will compete in the national online competition in April.

Elliot Garrett – Copper Medals in Music, Economics, Literature, and Art, Gold Medal in Math, 4th Highest Individual Score – Honors Division
Mary-Wyatt Pettigrew – Bronze Medal in Math
Allison Pilant – Copper Medals in Science and Literature, Bronze Medals in Art and Economics,  Silver Medal in Music, 3rd Highest Individual Score – Scholastic Division
Kaylin Partee – Bronze Medal in Social Science,  5th Highest Individual Score – Scholastic Division
Ethan Baynes – Bronze Medals in Math and Music, 4th Highest Individual Score – Scholastic Division
Daniel Cruz –  Copper Medals in Music and LiteratureBronze Medal in Art, Gold Medal in Science, 4th Highest Individual Score – Varsity Division
Jonathan Long – Copper Medal in Economics, Bronze Medals in Music and Art, Silver Medal in Science, Gold Medal in Math, 3rd Highest Individual Score – Varsity Division
Corey Bond – Copper Medal in Science
Also assisting the Purple Team in Super Quiz – Pablo Marin, Alternates – Felescia Sanders, Kendra Currie, Victoria Perry


Members of the Tomcat Team are Landon Wilson, Karoline Hobock, Brittain Adams, Enrique Ponce, Adam Jollo, Iyana Taylor, Brennan Holloway, Tia Jones, and Alexis Hines.

Karoline Hobock – Copper Medal in Math, Bronze Medal in Super Quiz
Brittain Adams – Copper Medal in Math, Bronze Medals in Art, Literature, Science, and Super Quiz, 5th highest Individual Score – Honors Division
Adam Jollo – Copper Medal – Social Science, Bronze Medals in Math and Super Quiz
Alexis Hines – Copper Medals in Math and Economics, Bronze Medal in Super Quiz
Tia Jones – Bronze Medal in Super Quiz
Taylor Waddell – Copper Medal in Economics
Iyania Taylor – Bronze Medal in Super Quiz, Silver Medal in Math
Enrique Ponce – Copper Medal in Literature, Bronze Medals in Math and Super Quiz
Landon Wilson – Copper Medal in Art, Bronze Medal in Science


Members of the White Team are Benjamin Rodriguez, Taylor Waddell, Jasmine Reece, Dominic Gaietto, Bryce Currie, Trever Dancy, Brierra Starks, Alexis Rodriguez, Delmy Ortega, and Sujey Gaspar.

Benjamin Rodriguez –  Silver Medal in Super Quiz
Trever Dancy – Silver Medal in Super Quiz
Delmy Ortega –  Copper Medal in Art, Silver medal in Super Quiz
Jasmine Reece – Bronze Medal in Literature, Silver Medal in Super Quiz
Alexis Rodriguez – Copper Medal in Social Science, Silver Medal in Super Quiz
Brierra Starks – Copper Medal in Music, Bronze Medal in Economics, Silver Medal in Super Quiz
Dominic Gaietto – Bronze Medal in Economics, Silver Medals in Art and Super Quiz
Bryce Currie – Bronze Medals in Math and Social Science, Silver Medal in Super Quiz
Sujey Gaspar – Copper Medals in Art, Music, and Social Science, Bronze Medal in Science, Silver Medals in Literature and Super Quiz, 5th Highest Individual Score – Varsity Division
Also helping the White Team was Alternate Brennan Holloway.

Sponsor for the teams is HHS teacher Glynn Bridgewater. HHS Librarian Julie Dahlhauser has served as the teams’ testing proctor.