Art contest promotes healthy living

By: Tennille Short

National Public Health Week was celebrated April 3-9. Local elementary students participated by entering the Public Health Week Art Contest – an annual event presented by the Haywood County Health Department, UT/TSU Extension, and HCS Coordinated School Health. Students were asked to draw a picture that shows healthy eating or active living. This year, almost 270 students submitted artwork that showed different types of fruits and vegetables being eaten; various sports being played; and lots of water-drinking. It was a difficult task for the contest judges, but winners were selected from Grades 1-5.

The winners are:
1st grade: Anastasia Thomas (1st), Roxie Norris (2nd), Derrick (3rd)
2nd grade: Amy Carpenter (1st), Saylor Grace Ziegler (2nd), A’miya Cerie Perry (3rd)
3rd grade: Sundose Hasan (1st), Lizzi Mann (2nd), Annalie Ritchie (3rd)
4th grade: Makayla Ballard (1st), Micah Springfield (2nd), Jalen Coble (3rd)
5th grade: Ryan Edwards (1st), Mahek Bhakta (2nd), Kate Faught (3rd)

East Side art contest winners Makayla Ballard and (not pictured) Ryan Edwards