Children’s author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt to visit Haywood Elementary


On Tuesday, August 28, children’s author/illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt will visit the students and faculty of Haywood Elementary School, kicking off her first week of school visits for the 2012-13 school year. Ms. Nelson-Schmidt will be reading and sharing from her newest book, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. Traveling with her is a very hairy green and worrisome Whatif Monster who communicates his thoughts by whispering them to Ms. Nelson-Schmidt, who then relays them to the students.
“In general, my presentation has a lot to do with hard work, perseverance and following your dreams! I love what I do and I want to encourage EVERYONE I meet to find their special and unique talent whatever it may be and go after it with everything you’ve got! The World needs you to!!”

An experienced speaker, Ms. Nelson-Schmidt inspires students with personal stories and shares her artwork while actively engaging her audience.
Following art school, Nelson-Schmidt spent 10 years working as a graphic designer for Georgia Perimeter College. During this time she began painting pet portraits as a creative outlet and selling her work at local festivals.
After painting animal portraits for about seven years, Nelson-Schmidt began creating her picture books, Dogs, Dogs! and Cats, Cats! Since publication in September 2011, both books made children’s book publisher Kane Miller’s Top 25 best-sellers list, selling more than 3,500 of each title in just three months.
About her newest title she said, “I thought, ‘There is still a lesson to be learned from the Whatif monster. Why don’t I let him come to life and teach that lesson himself?’” While Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster is geared toward children, Nelson-Schmidt said it deals with two emotions everyone can relate to: fear and anxiety.
If you would like your own autographed copy of Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster, contact Haywood Elementary School by calling 772-0732 no later than Wednesday, August 29.  All purchases will benefit the school’s library.
You can get to know Michelle Nelson-Schmidt by visiting her web site at