Elma Ross Library hosts Anderson families


Students and parents enjoyed a fun night at Elma Ross Public Library last Monday. Mrs. Jan McAdams introduced the children to the “town library” and to their librarian, Mrs. Catherine Horne. Miss Catherine told them about the books available in the library and how they may obtain and use a library card. “Miss Jan” then read the cutest story entitled, “Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar” She then introduced puppets for each character in the story and they discussed each one and how it contributed to the story. Then she and the children re-told the story using the puppets. After the story time, children and parents enjoyed cookies and punch. Miss Jan, Mrs. Sheila Reed, her assistant, and Mrs. Ragan Baumheckel of the Family Resource Center served them. We think our first annual “Library Night with Anderson” was a great success!!001 002 003 004