ES students learn about “Life Choices”

Fifth-grade students had one more lesson on the last day of school, but it wasn’t math, reading, or science. Life Choices of Dyersburg brought a really interesting program about how to use … and not use … social media. This was the first time Life Choices has visited the fifth grade at East Side. They have been bringing their very educational “Right Choices” program to Haywood County’s sixth through ninth graders for several years through a partnership with Coordinated School Health. The program is designed to educate our youth about their personal health, how to avoid getting into situations that will negatively affect the rest of their lives, and now they have added aspects of social media that most young folks (and lots of adults, too) don’t know about. Parents were invited to this very enlightening presentation, and we are proud that it will become an annual event for our fifth graders.

Life Choices 1 web