Haywood High School Awards Recognition Ceremony

On January 30th, parents, family and friends filled the gym as students were presented awards for:  honor roll, industry certification, ASVAB scores and perfect attendance. 

The requirements for each award were:  Honor Roll Award was given to students who averaged an 85 or higher both nine weeks of this school year;  Industry Certification went to students who have earned certificates through the Career and Technical path in OSHA, Microsoft Office and Serve Safe;  ASVAB awards went to students scoring 31 or higher on the aptitude test, with a special award to those scoring 70 or higher; Perfect Attendance was just that, students who have committed to being in school everyday.  

“It has been a true pleasure to witness the achievements of our student body here at Haywood High School. The awards distributed today are not just recognizing students who have excelled academically, but also to honor those who have received industry certification, met the minimum score on ASVAB, and have not missed any days of school. It is a pleasure to see our student body performing and excelling in their respective areas of interests. School award ceremonies are just the beginning. I would like to leave you with this quote, “What the mind of a man or woman can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thank you all for celebrating with Haywood High School” said Assistant Principal,  Lena Thomas.