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Haywood High School Supply List 2011 � 2012

1.    Back Pack:
All Students will be required to carry a backpack each day.  Lockers may not be available for several weeks due to renovation.

2.    Traditional School Supplies:
Paper, Pencils, Pens, Folders, 3-Ring Binders, Subject Dividers, Hi-Lighters

3.    Regulation Jacket:
Jackets with hoods cannot be worn.  Colors should be navy, purple, white, pink, or black.  Black has been approved for this year.

4.    Belts:
Sagging pants will not be permitted.  Students must wear a belt each day.  Black, Brown, and Khaki are the only approved belt colors.  To avoid Saturday School, please purchase a belt for your child, and be sure that they follow the dress code.

•    NOTE:  Additional supplies may be required by your child’s teacher.

•    ANNOUNCEMENT:  Freshman Orientation is Friday, August 5th in the HHS cafeteria at 1:00 p.m. Students must be on time.  Bring pencils and hi-lighters.  Parents are welcome.