HE students celebrate 100 Days at school

Haywood Elementary students in Mrs. Pamla Peagan’s  class celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday, January 28.  Each student created a book of words or a story using 100 words that they could read. Then each student shared his or her book with the class and some even challenged their friends to see if they could read their words. The students were also asked to bring in a bag of 100 items. We weighed the bags to see who had the heaviest one. One student had a bag of 100 suckers, which ended up being the heaviest. Another activity the students participated in was filling a snack bag with 10 different snack items. The students put in 10 oyster crackers, 10 M&M’s, 10 raisins, 10 pretzels, 10 animal crackers, 10 raisins, 10 Kix cereal, 10 cheerios, 10 marshmallows, and 10 cheese crackers. Yummy!! The last activity the students participated in was to draw a self-portrait of what they would imagine themselves to look like at 100 years old and to write about what they would be doing. The students had lots of fun participating in these
100th day of school activities.

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