HHS holds Freshman Orientation

Haywood High School came alive Friday afternoon, August 2, as administrators, faculty and staff welcomed more than 200 of the 249 freshmen who began high school August 5. Students and their families met Principal Dr. Jerry Pyron, Vice Principal Michelle Tillman, Assistant Principal Tim Seymour and Career and Tech Director Pam Diebold, then Mrs. Tillman conducted the activities for the orientation. The HHS football cheerleaders were a part of the program as well as the drum line of the HHS band. Mrs. Tillman introduced students to the teachers and staff and talked to students about attending school at HHS. Homeroom teachers took their students to tour the school and answered their questions, while Mrs. Tillman met with the parents to give them additional information about life at Haywood High. “It was a great meeting,” Mrs. Tillman said. “We enjoyed seeing all the students and their families. We are ready to begin our 2013-2014 school year and welcome these new students to their life as a Tomcat.”