HHS sophomores meet benchmarks on PLAN test


Eighteen Haywood High School sophomores recently scored at or above the 90th percentile and/or met ACT college readiness benchmarks on the PLAN test. The PLAN test is a test designed by the ACT Company that measures college readiness skills in 10th graders. The test is designed to provide guidance to students so that they have time and direction on preparing for the ACT test that all students will take in the eleventh grade. All Haywood High School students in the 10th grade tested and will be receiving their scores during the month of November.

Students scoring above the 90th percentile and/or meeting all four readiness benchmarks are: Emma Baumheckel, Corey Clark, Ebony Clark, Will Clinton, Jaylon Douglas, Dannon Eubanks, Quaserica Holmes, Eduardo Magadan, Lauren Markowski, Infiniti Pickens, Samantha Pittman, Mireya Pulido, Sara Rodriquez, Kyle Sills, Martravius Washington, Ryan Watson, Destiny Williams, and Spencer Zeigler. These students were treated to a pizza party with their counselor, Mrs. Paula Edwards.