HHS Students Learn About Child Seats In Vehicles

The Child Development students in the Career and Tech Department at HHS recently received instructions about proper installation of child seats in vehicles. There were shown how to check vehicles for proper belts and how to see if the vehicle has a belt locking system. Officers also went over state laws regarding child seats. Students were shown with a baby demonstrator the consequences of improper installation and the type of injuries babies can receive. Students were able to practice and install different types of seats.

State law for child seats in vehicles are: infant -1 year and 20 pounds (rear-facing child restraint), 1 year+ to 4 years (forward facing restraint), 4 years+ through 8 years (booster seat). Must be 12 years old to ride in the front seat of a vehicle unless no other seating is available, as may be the case in a pickup truck.