HMS holds Science Showcase

Family and friends gathered at Haywood Middle School on January 29 to see their students’ science projects.

Some examples included (6th Grade – Cindy Currie) Potential/Kinetic Energy – Bouncy Ball Activity; Conduction – Heat Transfer, Metal vs Wooden Spoon in hot water; Heat Transfer – Tea Bag, Whirly bird; Radiation – heat transfer – lamps; (Lacey Moore) Poential/kinetic energy – Popsicle Stick Bombs; Scientific Method – Save Fred; Convection – Heat Transfer – Tea Bag Lighting;  (7th Grade – Stephanie Bizzell & Jolyn Haynes. Chemical Reactions – Milk in Motion, Hidden Messages with Invisible, Fruit Ink and Elephant toothpaste; and (*8th Grade – Mrs. Terii Cummins – Engineering Design – Toxic Popcorn, Biological Change and Diversity Breeding Bunnies; Vladimir Valdez Science Lab 6th Grade Hall) – Natural Selection – Anatomical Homology – Bone structure of bone organisms, Waves – Models of Different Types of Wave; Geological Time Scale – Interactive Quiz, and Electromagnetisms – stripped down motor suspended magnet