HMS Workout Warriors Club Members Complete Program

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Haywood Middle School students in the Workout Warriors club recently completed a 15-week fitness/exercise program. The club was formed through the Haywood Extended Learning Program (HELP), and provided through a grant awarded to Coordinated School Health by the Chamber of Commerce’s Governor’s Three Star Grant. The purpose of the grant was to reduce obesity and increase general health in middle school-age students.

Ms. Mindy Jones coordinated the after-school club, and Mr. Marquis Tyus was contracted to provide the classes to the students. Girls “worked out” on Mondays and Wednesdays, and boys on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Coordinated School Health collected pre- and post-program data. While students did not actually lose a lot of weight, they gained a lot of strength, endurance, grit, and determination. They learned that they can always do a little more, and were very surprised to learn what happens when you don’t give up! Six of them actually held a body plank position for 17 minutes! They are all very proud of what they learned and accomplished in this club.

The Workout Warriors club has earned the attention of Mayor Bill Rawls, who expressed an interest in possibly continuing this effort in some manner next year. We will be working with him and the Chamber of Commerce during the year to try to make it happen again for these young people. GO WARRIORS!

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