Leadership Day

Leadership Day

On January 23rd, Haywood County Schools celebrated Leadership Day.  This Leadership Event was part of the Leader In Me program and was a day of schools opening their doors to guests and celebrating the great things that are happening with the Leader in Me. It put the spotlight on students, and offered staff members the opportunity to showcase their creative ideas. 

Leader in Me works toward a new way to define leadership. “ Many people equate leadership with a formal position of authority. But we believe anyone can be a leader by intentionally leading one’s own life (leading self) and working well with and encouraging the greatness in others—whether family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues (leading others).”

Haywood Elementary took Leadership day to an amazing level with a Lights, Camera, Lead! theme.  Guests were welcomed by students at the door where they were also given the opportunity of a photo booth style photo op.  In the entryway students were posted at various points of interest where they could tell the story of the board of teacher photos and of the mural that hosts a student level mirror reminding them of how special they are.  Each Leadership student throughout the school wore name tags and took their role very seriously.  Guests were given a schedule of the day’s events and were then assigned to a group.  Each group was lead by three students with one holding a sign with their group number and movie theatre theme.  (ie. popcorn & candies) 

The students were most excited about the new “Shout Out” opportunity.  A Shout Out can be given from a teacher to a student or from a student to a teacher.  This is an acknowledgement of being caught doing something kind or leadership worthy.

Groups moved throughout the school from station to station where leaders were waiting to tell about their area.  The students were so knowledgable and so eager to share.  The tour ended with a visit to the library for popcorn, snacks and drinks as everyone gathered for a question and answer session.  

In the gym, later that day, was an award celebration for those selected as great leaders this 9 weeks!

What an absolutely AMAZING job!

Visit leaderinme.org for more details on this amazing addition to our schools!