Mock DUI Crash enactment

The community really came together with Haywood High School drama students to send a strong message to HHS seniors – Don’t Drink and Drive. Pictured with the students were members of the Fire Department, the Ambulance Authority, the Brownsville Police Department, the Hospital Wing crew, Lea and Simmons staff members, several parents who participated in the drama, and others who made this serious re-creation of a drunk driving accident real.

Seniors at Haywood High School witnessed on Tuesday, April 23, a re-creation of a DUI Crash. This is the 14th annual “Mock Crash” coordinated by the Brownsville Police Department and Haywood High School. The message was clear as some students began to cry when fellow classmates were placed in body bags on the ground: DRINKING AND DRIVING DON’T MIX, THEY KILL.

The Haywood High Drama Department students portrayed the victims and the offenders of this crash. Representatives from the Brownsville Fire Department, Haywood County Ambulance Authority, Hospital Wing, Lea and Simmons Funeral Home, Young’s Wrecker Service, Duncan’s Wrecker Service, and Parks and Recreation joined in to make this annual production possible.

Following the Crash, WMC-TV Channel 5 meteorologist Dave Brown spoke to the students about his family experience of losing his daughter and her family to a drunk driver.

The seniors viewed a special program from AT&T on the dangers of texting and driving. All 184 seniors signed a pledge to not text and drive. Working together, we want to give students the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions when dealing with texting or impaired driving situations.