REACH – “College Tour Day”


In an attempt to meet one of the main objectives of the REACH Program, students celebrated their first annual “College Tour Day” on November 15, 2011. There were eight students, making up the Advanced and Seniors, of the Reach Program that had the opportunity to visit both Lane College and Jackson State Community College. The students who attended were Tisheanna Dorris, Karl Cleaves, Alvin Williams, Steven Goff, Candice Phillips, Charles Woods, Eddie Gonzales, and Sara Long. This was an exciting time for each of these students because for some, this was their first college campus experience. This visit afforded these students an opportunity to walk the halls of several classroom buildings, meet current students, and speak with Admissions Counselors as well as Admissions Directors. There was a look in each of their eyes that clearly stated that they “DID” belong on a college campus and could actually be accepted and obtain a college degree. 002 003