Congratulations to our new READY GRADUATES: Alyssa Allen, Carson Conaster, Djimon Jackson, Kiley McChesney, Breydenn Mora, Ashley Neal, Asia Palmer, Jacob Sanchez, Kevin Stanley, Drevion Tyus, Katie Walls, Kelsey Manns, Onterrio Woods, Robert McCord, Sannaa Muex, Lauren Qualls, Shakiyyah Robinson, Trianna Tyus, Antenyiah Washington, and Dantayshia White.

READY GRADUATES are more competitive in the job market and in their collegiate endeavors. To become a READY GRADUATE students must complete one of the following: 

(1) earn a 21 or higher in the ACT
(2) compete 4 Early Postsecondary Opportunities (EPSOs)
(3) complete 2 EPSOs and an industry certification
(4) complete 2 EPSOs and a 31 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test

A huge shout out to our new members of the READY GRADUATE status. Haywood High will continue to provide opportunities for all students. We want to thank you Commissioner Schwinn for coming by and participating in Tomcat Nation!