Stability balls can enhance students

Haywood Elementary students in Ms. Vivian Miller’s class now have a little “bounce” in their lessons, thanks to the stability balls that are replacing their chairs. According to Haywood Schools Health Coordinator Sharon Thornton, the students are excited to be chosen to implement this new and innovative pilot program at HE this year.

“Research is starting to back up the theory that using core muscles to balance on balls will help students stay focused, which improves learning and posture,” Thornton said. “It is suggested that when your body is engaged, your brain is engaged. Schools in 30 states have started using the balance balls as chairs and have received positive feedback from educators and students. One resource found that ‘students who sat on the stability ball improved in one or more of the following: (a) flexibility and range of motion,(b) strength and stability, (c) balance, (d) posture, (e) squirminess, and (f) ability to stay on task.’”

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