Students bring awareness to Earth Day

On Monday, April 23, many people celebrated Earth Day by turning out lights, unplugging power cords that were not in use, using cloth napkins, and other such activities. Haywood High’s Biology II class, led by Mr. Tim Stratton, has been celebrating all year with their new recycling project. However, on Monday, they added a new dimension to their project by planting a tree.

They started off their festivities by giving back, not only to the earth, but also to their teachers who have given them things necessary to life. The students put their money together and, with the help of Coach Stratton, bought and made chicken wings to serve their teachers free of charge. It was a small way to say think you to those who give so much time and effort for their students every day.
The class then went to the front of the school where they planted a flowering pear tree which will produce oxygen; become a home to birds, squirrels and insects; and provide shade to students waiting on rides. It will both help the environment and show school spirit by budding white and purple flowers.

Planting a tree is not the only thing the Biology II class has done to help the environment. Thanks to their efforts, Haywood high, for the first time, can recycle. The students began the project at the beginning of the year and have kept it going ever since. They collect approximately 3,000 pounds of recyclable waste each month, so by the end of the 2012-13 school year, they will have collected close to 27,000 pounds. Coach Stratton is in the process of stretching this program to other Haywood County Schools and has already made productive headway.

Just like the new tree, we hope the recycling program will reach  and grow and help the environment in the process.