Students enjoy “healthy Thanksgiving feast”


Anderson students in Mrs. Jennifer White’s kindergarten class held a “healthy Thanksgiving feast” before going home for the holidays. Students learned about foods that the pilgrims and Indians probably did and didn’t eat at their first feast. They also learned about a new food that they had never heard of … pomegranates, which Mrs. Jennifer cut open and shared with each student.


Then they drew pictures and wrote or dictated recipes to Mrs. Jennifer to send home. Some of the best ones included blueberry pie that you cook at 100 degrees for 200 days and French fries that you cook at 6 degrees for 8 hours! Wouldn’t the pilgrims and Indians be surprised at that! And lastly they shared a feast of healthy foods, including dried cranberries, popcorn, carrots, celery, cheese, turkey sandwiches, broccoli, tomatoes, and yogurt. What a fun way to learn about Thanksgiving and eating healthy foods!

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