Students learn about snakes


Students learn about snakes Miss Elizabeth’s enrichment class at Anderson has enjoyed spending the past couple of months studying and learning the truths about “frightening animals,” such as sharks and snakes. Some of the fun activities that they participated in, while studying snakes, included simulating the process of snakes shedding their skin and viewing snake sheds and skins.
To conclude their study on snakes, the students had a special “expert” come and teach them about snakes of Tennessee. Mrs. Tara Dowdy, a Refuge Ranger from Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge, taught the students the characteristic of venomous and non-venomous snakes. If you ask the students, their favorite part of the program was getting to pet Peaches, a real corn snake. Corn snakes are very common in West Tennessee. Miss Elizabeth’s class would like to thank Mrs. Dowdy for visiting and sharing her knowledge about snakes and other animals of Tennessee with us.

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