Students take advantage of ACT Prep courses


College and trade school competition is keen, and students at Haywood High School and Haywood Middle School are striving to boost their scores on their ACT tests. ACT Prep Tutoring classes began at Haywood High School on February 12 and will continue through April. Haywood Middle School will begin its ACT Prep classes on Saturday, March 9. Students will learn specific strategies for various questions and enhance and refresh English/ language arts and math skills. Some of the goals of the program are to help students improve their scores from their previous exam and score higher the first time they take the ACT tests.

The ACT Assessment Test, or ACT, is a nationally administered, standardized exam designed to measure a student’s general educational development and ability to complete college-level work. A higher ACT score can enable additional choices for universities that students favor. It can also impact whether a student might qualify for an academic scholarship, making a difference of thousands of dollars each year in a university’s tuition for students and families.

Classes are being filled quickly and two more tutors have been added at Haywood High School. Students may pick up applications from Mrs. Pam Diebold in the Career and Tech Division or from the guidance counselors. There are no costs for students to attend the tutoring sessions at Haywood High School or Haywood Middle School.

Classes are sponsored by the Haywood County GEAR UP TN and Haywood County’s 21stCentury Accelerated Academic Program.